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Family Therapy In-House

About Caryn and Jean-Claude

Caryn is UKCP registered with an MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling and has been practicing for almost 20 years (www.carynnuttall.co.uk).

For 6 years Jean-Claude trained intensively as a Family Therapist in Greece before moving his practice to London almost ten years ago. Although Jean-Claude is fluent in seven languages, his practice is predominantly in English.

Their counselling is confidential, affirmative and non-judgmental, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, politics, culture or nationality. Both are committed to continuous professional development.

Before they found their vocations in psychotherapy, Jean-Claude worked in the City and on Wall Street, and continues to be the Executive Manager of a philanthropic foundation. Caryn lived in North America for 15 years where she worked as an artist exhibiting her sculptures, paintings and cartoons in the USA, London and Canada. Caryn has Canadian citizenship as well as British.

They each have children and are grandparents.